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With the new month and all the new Coupons to PRINT, I thought I'd give a quick reminder on a website I've found to save me some serious money when I need to replace my printer ink! Now you all know me, I try to take advantage of the greatest discounts I can, which usually includes a cartridge refill at WAGS for a ridiculously low price, but those sales can be few and far between and when you need ink, you need ink! Not having ink in your printer, so that you can print your coupons actually COSTS you money! I've learned that the hard way by waiting too long to get it and then not being able to print some really awesome Q's, or having them print so badly that the store won't take them!

So, the last few times I've had to break down and buy ink, I got it from Carrot Ink. I checked all local store prices and the cheapest I could get mine for locally was $24.95 per cartridge, and that was a sale price. Ugh! That is a major budget blower! So I researched several sites and ended up with Carrot Ink where I can get my printer cartridges for $10.95...whew, that sounds a lot better! And I got my order within 3 days! It's still an expense, but the coupons I print MORE than make up for the cost!

Be sure to check them out when you need Printer Ink, it's definately a Frugal Fabulous Find!
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