My FREE Blood Sugar Monitor ! Why I'm glad I got this FREEBIE !

This is one FREEBIE that I'm so glad I ordered a while back! Let me admit that when I ordered it, it was mainly because it was FREE and then also because it was PINK ! Having family members with diabetes was a factor, but honestly, that wasn't the greatest influencing factor for why I ordered it!

I am now so very thankful that I did. When this freebie first came available and I told you all about it, I mentioned that my oldest sons doctor had told us to keep a check on his blood sugar. It was high when he went in for a physical, and his fathers side of the family have a very strong history of diabetes. (Since I am adopted, I have no clue on my own families medical background or history...but that is an entirely different post!) So I ordered this cute little freebie, in Pink, of course, and tucked it away in our medicine cabinet when it came.

Over the past month, on 4 different occasions, my son has gotten dizzy, nauseas and eventually thrown up, while at school in his morning gym class. It has begun to be a pattern and has gotten me thinking about his blood sugar levels and what his doctor said.

So tonight, I pulled out my cute little Pink monitor set, and we tested his blood sugar. It was quick and easy and he didn't fuss much about the finger prick. I plan to test again when he gets up in the morning before school and also log those results. I feel like having this information already logged at different times of day might help when we visit his doctor next week to see what is going on. I'm hoping it is nothing, but feel good that I am armed with a little more info to take along with us on that Doctor visit!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we figure out what is going on with him.

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