Sunday Sentiments - A Time for Thought

This is one of my favorite videos with Joyce Meyer. I absolutely love listening to her because she speaks the truth so boldly. I chose this one this week because of it's topic, "Be Yourself".

I've struggled my whole life with doing things and living in ways that "keep the peace" or doing what "I'm supposed" to be doing...always being measured up by someone elses measuring stick.

In the past year, one thing I have realized is that no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER make everyone happy and if YOU yourself are not happy, then what is the point? I've "come into" myself in the past year, knowing my strengths, my weaknesses and everything in between. And I'm ok with it, even the weaknesses make me who I am.

I'm not a morning person. I never have been. THANK GOD my children are older now and I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore! I just don't do mornings. I've suffered with insomnia as long as I can remember, but have just learned to accept that even that too plays a role in who I am. It is late at night when the house is quiet that I let my worries go and my creativity kicks in. Whether it is working on a project in the house, cleaning or working on the computer - ebay, blog, amazon & other $$ makers for me, the point is, out of my backwards sense of day/night, I actually function very well. So I go to sleep very late and I sleep late. (I do get up if I have to!) If you don't live in my house, who is anyone to judge my sleeping habits or the amount of time I spend on the computer or whatever they feel like pulling out of their perception of my life?

I've learned to accept alot of things about myself and to really enjoy the "freedom" that comes with your children getting older. I put my years in as a stay at home mom, cook, maid, nanny, chauffer etc., etc., and if I feel like being more selfish with my "free" time these days, I think it's justified:)

I have learned to accept peoples faults, personality quirks, mood swings or what have you. When someone does or says something that irritates me, I just blow it off and know that that's just how they are. We all have our good & our bad, so why can't we all just accept that? So you don't agree with something I do or don't do? Okay, you are entitled to feel that way... and move on.

So this is my Sunday Sentiments...and it's really intended for me, but I wanted to share it with you all:) I love Joyce Meyer and she always makes me think..speaks on my level!

Here's to forgetting all the measuring sticks that were held up to me this past week, to moving on, to loving myself and not comparing myself to anyone else. I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be, at exactly the intended place and point in my life that God planned for me. Who can argue with that?

Hope you all have a day full of rest, relaxation & restoration for the week ahead!