SNEAK PEAK : Wondering what coupons will be in the Sunday Paper ?

I confess....I don't always read the Sunday Newspaper. For the longest time, I bought it out of the newstand just to get the coupons. I eventually got a subscription because most of the time, out of the newstand, people would steal the coupons...yea, really! They'd pay their .75 cents or whatever, grab their paper and get coupons out of the few below it. I got so aggrivated having to hunt through the papers to find one with coupons, that I finally subscribed to home delivery. Another perk to home delivery, here in my small town, is that I get my Sunday paper on Saturday!! I love getting the coupons a day before !

If you're not as fortunate and really want to know what coupons are going to be in your upcoming Sunday paper, now you don't have to wait! Sunday Coupon Preview is here

Enjoy the sneak peak and Happy Clipping :)