Wow! It's under way ! My 2010 project ......

So, I got the idea to start this blog about 6 hours ago and can't believe that I have really been brainstorming and sitting here ever since ! I know that I am doing this if for no other reason than for my own outlet. Something completely mine ! As much as I love being Wife, Mom, Grandma, ( or, in my case "MiMi" )Housekeeper, Cook, Taxidriver, etc., etc., ( YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! ) I really don't have any time for myself. Usually, the only time I find completely to myself is in the middle of the night while the rest of the house is asleep! This has caused me to be a major insomniac and a total computer nerd:) Anything and everything I can find to save myself time and money online, I do ! So as usual, there is always something good that comes, even from the negative!

My idea for this blog is just this simple: my outlet, my creativity and to share the joy of my many finds whether they be freebies online, great savings or my latest yard sale rescue :) I hope you will bookmark me, post comments and visit often! I'm still working on the layout and design issues, but a couple more sleepless nights and we should have a green light !